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The Best Flooring Repair and Installation in La Porte, TX

Floors get walked on, dragged across, and dropped on every day, so it should be no surprise they get scratched up. Cleaning might not be enough to make them look like new.

At some point, you’ll have to repair or replace your floors. You might just want a different look for your flooring.

When it comes time for that, you’ve got a lot of options. Some of the most-popular ones are hardwood, tile, laminate and wood. Whatever you want, we’ll have your floors done right!

Of course, there are floors in homes and businesses so we do it all. Our team of professionals understands the needs of commercial structures as well as residential housing.

Flooring is just one of our specialties at Elite Home Repairs. These are a few of the services we do more often:

  1. Repairing or installing tiles
  2. Repair, refinish, or install hardwood
  3. Install granite counters
  4. Laminate and carpet installation or repair

We’re not the only flooring company in the area, but you can trust that you’re getting the best. When you hire us, you’ll get our expertise and experience:

  1. You’ll maximize the potential of your floors
  2. Anyone on our team that works on your floors has been trained and certified. We’ll stay transparent throughout the project and deliver quality results
  3. There are so many materials and tools when it comes to flooring. Between training and hands-on experience, we know how to work with a large variety to give you what you want
  4. If you have pets, we’ll make sure they stay safe

You deserve floors that look brand new. Whether they need repairs, you want new materials, or you need any other services, call us today at 281-962-5704 and set up your free inspection!

Quality Flooring Repair and Installation in La Porte, TX

We’ve created an effective process for flooring repair and installation in La Porte, TX. So that you know what to expect, here’s an idea of what we’ll do:

  1.  We know the best products that will last
  2. Some companies use subcontractors for a project. By doing everything ourselves, you won’t pay more for someone that you’ve never even met
  3. Wood floors need a lot of maintenance. If you want the same protection without the work, we’ll suggest the best match
  4. We’re at the top of our business. Your repairs and installation will beat or match the closest competitor
  5. We’ll put our experience and expertise to work for you

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We’ve got a team of professionals to make sure you get results you’ll be proud of. That’s how we have so many positive reviews online!

Elite Home Repairs offers a number of services for you to choose from. When you’re looking for the best, call us today at 281-962-5704 and get your free inspection and estimate!

Let Us Do Your Flooring Repair and Installation in La Porte, TX

Every person that touches your floors has been trained and certified to do so. No matter how long they’ve been working, we expect every member on our team to reach our standards. While we know what we can do, we want to help you make the best decision. With that in mind, you might want to think of a few things if you need flooring repair and installation in La Porte, TX:

  1. Will they give your home a serious inspection followed by a close estimate?
  2. The estimate should be around the final number to account for materials. How do their numbers compare to other companies in the area?
  3. Are your pets taken into consideration?
  4. How long will their work take? You have a life to get back to and more labor increases your cost.

We stay transparent because we know our answers to those questions impress our customers. For a free inspection and fair estimate, call Elite Home Repairs today at 281-962-5704 and get results you’ll be happy to show off!

We Offer the Following Remodeling Services in Baytown, TX

and the surrounding areas!

Our Office is located in Baytown, TX and we serve the following areas:
  • HQ: Baytown
  • Mont Belvieu, TX
  • La Porte, TX
  • Deer Park, TX
  • League City, TX
  • Kemah, TX
  • Pasadena, TX
  • Texas City, TX
  • Friendswood, TX
  • Humble, TX
  • Seabrook, TX
  • Crosby, TX

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Bathroom Remodeling

They installed a wall mural, painted three walls, installed light fixtures, fan and mirror. Very nice and efficient guys!

–  Norma R.  La Porte, TX

Paneling Installation

Gonzalo was great to work with! He was responsible, his work was of high quality, he was honest with his pricing, punctual, and he finished the job on time. We have gotten many compliments from friends and families for the work Gonzalo completed.

–  Orlando A.  Baytown, TX

Drywall Services

Gonzalo provided professional services. His guy’s showed up on time, did a great repair on my ceiling (texture and paint) and cleaned up before he left. With the great job on the ceiling I also had them replace and paint some damaged Hardie siding. I would highly recommend Elite Home Repairs.

–  Bruce H.  Kemah, TX

Painting Services

Great work ethics by everyone. They were very meticulous with clean up and with the painting. I was very happy with the outcome. Gorgeous cabinets. Thank you so much.

–  Norma B.  Deer Park, TX